My name is Mitka, but you can call me Milly if you prefer šŸ™‚

Social Media? I’ve been loving it for more than 5 years now!

Almost 2 years ago I started a journey of being self employed and I’m happy to say that despite all challenges I love what I do.

It’s an honour to be helping people grow their business and deliver value.

For me Marketing is not about applying old-fashioned tricks, but it’s about having a clear mission, delivering value to customers and building an engaged and happy community. I’m all for building a business that makes sense and makes a difference.

Great companies, growth hacks, tips on building active communities and successful Social Media practices is what I blog about.

I would love to have you aboard and have you share your stories and opinions!

Apart of my professional profile, Iā€™m a sun loving travel addict. I prefer the positive mentality and Iā€™m happy when Iā€™m surrounded by young, energetic and intelligent people.

Feel free to drop me a line at mitka@socialwiin.com