Multi-brand Company? 2 Tips for Managing Your Social Media

It is not easy to coordinate internal teams, create compelling content for different audiences, and develop a true relationship with your community. These tasks are challenging, but definitely achievable.

Before you get into the management groove, though, you need to evaluate the needs of each different brand. Here are 2 tips that I find very helpful in managing multiple brands at once.

Perform a Social Media Audit

If you’ve been tasked with managing social media for one brand, you can probably assume that you’ll be responsible for managing just one Twitter feed, Facebook page, etc. But this won’t be the case when you’re managing social media for a company with multiple products on the market, each targeted to different audiences.

Before you begin rolling out new content for the various brands, complete a social media audit. You’ll need to determine where your company currently has a stronger or weaker social media presence before you can effectively move forward with a strategy. This includes figuring out your target audience for each brand and to where and what kinds of posts audiences are engaging with the most.

Create a Social Media Strategy that Includes Individual Goals for Each Brand

Rolling out one streamlined social media strategy may sound like a great idea, especially in terms of time management, but you’ll need to cater your strategy and goals to each individual brand.

Take into account the social media presence of each brand and determine the outcome of their goals based on this initial benchmark.

Define what needs the product satisfies, what type of audience it’s created for, on which social media platforms you can reach your potential clients, what type of content they would be interested in, and what time of the day they tend to be on online.


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