How Often & When to Post on Social Media

How do you know how often you should post to your various social media channels? While there’s no exact formula, it all depends on the specific channel, your products and your customers.

Your social media efforts can really take you places if you know when to put your foot on the gas pedal. Here are the average ideal frequencies for posting across each of your social media platforms to get the most mileage out of them.



According to various social media reports, the best posting frequency for Facebook is twice a day. You can expect to post two time a day before comments and likes start dropping off. The next key detail is knowing when is the best time to post; the easiest way to find out that information is to check your Facebook Insights. Go to your Facebook Fan Page -> Insights -> Posts. There you can find a graphic that shows you when exactly your fans are online, which will help you determine the best hours to publish your posts.

There are also different social media tools that can provide you with detailed analytics that will give you a hand whenever you need to decide what to post, when to post it and how many times to post.

facebook socialwiin


According to a Sumall and Buffer report, the optimal number of tweets per day is three; after the third tweet in a given day, engagement slightly decreases.

A good idea is to schedule 1-2 tweets and also retweet 1-2 post per day from one of your industry influencers (or accounts that you want to engage with) or a customer who has mentioned you. It’s good to have a variety of content so that your Twitter account won’t look too salesy.

Twitter is a bit more complicated to easily figure out which time of the day is best for you in terms of user engagement, but there are a couple of tricks that might help you figure this out.

You can go to the Twitter Analytics tool, for instance, and click on each of your tweets; after clicking, you can see on the back end how they performed in the different hours of the day. You’ll note certain patterns and certain hours in which your tweets receive more attention.

Another way is to simply think about your Twitter audience and the time of the they tend to be on Twitter (hint: it’s normally during commute hours).

If you’re using a good social media tool with good analytics, you can obtain this information from there as well.

twitter socialwiin

Google +

It’s recommended that brands publish 3 posts per day on G+. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to tell when is the optimal time for publishing a post on this platform, since neither its own analytics nor most of the analytics of social media tools can provide us with this information. The easiest and cheapest way to figure this out is to just know your audience and know when they tend to visit G+, based on the time of day they generally engage with posts.

Google plus socialwiin



Posting once a day during the work weeks allows you to reach 60% of your LinkedIn audience.

If you have a LinkedIn Company Page, you can see analytics data that can help you determine the best type of content and time for your updates. Also, if you have some extra money to spend, you can use any of the quality social media tools to get this information, such as Simply Measured, SocialBakers etc.

Unfortunately, if you’re publishing from a personal profile, you’ll have to depend on your common sense and good luck to reach the most people possible.

LinkedIn SocialWiiN


The recommended number of Instagram posts per day is two, though posting more often does not result in a drop of engagement.
A good tool that can give you general statistics (for free!) for your Instagram account is Inconosquare.

Instagram socialwiin



What’s the optimal number of pins per day? The answer is actually higher than optimal number of posts for other platforms: five!

Top brands on Pinterest have experienced rapid growth by posting multiple times per day.
Unfortunately, the Pinterest Analytics does not tell you which time of the day people engage more or view more of your content. Nevertheless, you can go to the analytics tool-> Your Audience tab -> Country and Metro to see where your viewers are coming from, which will help you to figure out when they are most likely to be online.

Pinterest socialwiin

Here are some cool additional infographics that will help you determine the best times to post for each social media.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 23.44.54 Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 23.46.03

I hope this article was helpful 🙂

Do you have any tried and true social media rules you follow? Let me know in the comments!


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